Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

The purpose of the School Parliament is to give the pupils a real voice within a manageable system and encourage the students to take ownership and responsibility for their school. At the same time, it enables staff to gain pupils’ perspective.


The School Parliament consists of two representatives from each form. Pupils then vote as to which of these people should be elected to become part of the Cabinet. Those not elected to the Cabinet become “backbenchers”. This ensures that the school has a large representation of pupil voice and that each form has representatives.

The members of our School Parliament meet on a regular basis. The Parliament is regularly invited to contribute to decision-making in relation to many aspects of school life and to represent the school on special occasions. In addition, they demonstrate their social responsibilities by raising funds for charity.”


What is our School Parliament for?

The School Parliament is about:

Working and learning together

Learning about democracy

Learning how to play a positive role model in our community

Improving our school for everyone


The School Parliament’s job is to involve everyone, not do everything. Everybody needs to help by:

Finding things that they would like to change

Finding ways to make things better

Putting their ideas into actions



How does our Class Parliament work?

Each class will elect a School Parliament member

Our Class Parliament will have a meeting every Half-Term

The class decide what they are going to talk about the day before the meeting so that everybody has time to think

A different person runs the meeting each time, with help from their teacher if it is needed

A different person takes notes each time, with help from their teacher if it is needed

The School Parliament Member from each class and one other person from the class will go to the School Parliament meeting every half term to put across the classes view.