Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Working and experimenting in a laboratory forms the basis and is quintessentially what physics is all about. Applying theoretical knowledge and using it in experiments is the most effective way to master the subject. Our school encourages and stands for all round-development of its students and in keeping with that spirit, we have a well-equipped and outfitted physics laboratory to foster and expedite learning in the most effective way. The equipment here is state-of-art and addresses all domains of the subject. The laboratory promotes the spirit of investigation and testing and serves the learning interests of primary to senior secondary students.

Up-to-Date and Fastidious

There are meticulously designed and neatly labelled charts and manuals to facilitate experiments and assist students to execute all these with ease and safety. Safety procedures are clearly stated and everyone must follow the rules and regulations mentioned therein. The furniture and storage has been designed with special fire resistant materials and fire extinguishers are placed at accessible distances.


The laboratory is spacious and airy and allows students to integrate classroom exercises with the lab assignments. The ample space permits equipment’s to remain set up, saving time and effort of both lab assistants and the students.


The capacious laboratory houses computers and other modern instruments which are integral to the proficient functioning of the lab and also facilitate learning for the students. The equipment and tools provided incorporate modern technology with standard learning methods. They also develop physics concepts and skills for subjects like analysis, information processing and measurement.


Equipment in the Laboratory

The list of equipment mentioned below is only indicative and not exhaustive. These are put down for you to understand the attention we pay to detail.


Optical bench apparatus and rods (Steel)

Abonite rods

Ammeter (0-0 6/0 – 3 amp)

Analog Multi-meter

Analog Voltmeter

Bar magnet

Battery holder cell box for one/two cells and red wooden box with brass terminals

Bell jar & Air Pump

Burette Clamp and Boss Head


Capacitor apparatus

Convex mirror 3”

Convex-Concave lens

Digital multi-meter


Fly Wheel Unit

Fortune’s Barometer

Galvanometer (best quality) 30-0-30 bench type

Heating plates


Laboratory Operation

The laboratory is operational only during school hours. However, closer to the practical examinations, it remains open for an additional two hours after school. At all times, the laboratory is manned by one staff member and two lab associates.

They assist the students with any difficulties and help to keep the laboratory hazard-free and clean.

Discipline and safety are our top priority and we leave no room for short cuts. Top quality experiments are conducted in our physics lab so that students benefit to the maximum.