Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Over the last several years there has been an increased interest and uptake across the world in Martial Artsand for many people it has not only become a method of exercise, but has also been used to improve discipline, focus and one’s health.

There have been many studies which have supported the use of Martial Arts as an approach to boosting mental cognition which is how one acquires knowledge and understanding. The repeated practice of techniques and sequences links nicely to classroom learning and revision. A student will study a syllabus for a belt grading in the same way they would prepare for a test or an exam. Prioritizing aspects of the grading to highlight areas which require more focused practiced is a trait many teachers see in more independent students.

More recently, there are on-going studies which are exploring the link between martial arts training as a way of improving a person’s emotional wellbeing; particularly with the management of stress. In such a fast paced, fluid and digital world that we live in, it is well known that many young students find it difficult to cope with managing their academic time alongside their leisure time whilst ensuring that they have an appropriate amount of sleep. The recent addition of controlled breathing and meditation exercises have been used to help students focus and calm their mind after karate sessions. This is an aspect borrowed from mindfulness classes which has been shown to help young adults better manage their stress levels.

Martial Arts does not limit its participation based on skill and potential, it is something that anyone can do which mirrors education. unseen benefits of Martial Arts are in developing well-rounded students who are better prepared for the futures that lie ahead of them.