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Nepali New Year, also known as Nepal Sambat, is a joyous occasion celebrated in Nepal and among Nepali communities around the world. The celebration usually takes place in mid-April, and it marks the beginning of the Nepali calendar year.

There are many ways to celebrate Nepali New Year, and here are some popular traditions and customs:

Cleaning and Decorating: Before the new year, people clean and decorate their homes with flowers, colorful lights, and rangoli designs made of colored powders. This symbolizes the arrival of a fresh start and a new beginning.

Family Reunions: Nepali New Year is a time for families to reunite and spend time together. People travel to their hometowns to be with their families and celebrate the occasion together.

Exchanging Gifts: People exchange gifts with their loved ones as a symbol of affection and goodwill. Traditional gifts include sweets, fruits, and clothes.

Performing Puja: Many people perform puja (worship) at home or in temples to seek blessings from the gods for the upcoming year.

Feasting: Nepali New Year is a time for feasting and enjoying traditional food with family and friends. Some popular dishes include sel roti (a fried bread), achar (pickles), and sweets like rasgulla and laddoo.

Cultural Performances: Cultural performances such as dance, music, and dramas are also popular during the Nepali New Year celebrations. People gather together to watch these performances and enjoy the festivities.

These are just a few of the many ways people celebrate Nepali New Year. It's a time to reflect on the past year, make new resolutions, and look forward to a fresh start.

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