Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Learning Realm International (LRI) School is a TRUST-managed residential -cum-day English-medium co-educational institution, founded on Falgun 12, 2044 BS (February 24, 1988 AD) by the dynamic educationist with  reason and vision, Mr. Shiv Raj Pant. It is located in the close proximity of blissful natural ambiance, away from the clatters and clamours of the city area. It promises a peaceful academic environment that fascinates hundreds of hearts and thousands of minds for the type of education dreamed by valued parents, desired by beloved students, and demanded by the changing time. The core vision and mission of L.R.I. stand out to develop children capable of leading the ever-inventive world citizenry. Several thousands have educationally thrived from our top-notch facilitation coupled with deep-rooted grooming since 1988. Positivity has been the driving force of our team to consistently create successive generations with a parental focus on ‘Intelligence Quotient’ as well as ‘Emotional Quotient’.

It imparts holistic education from Pre-Primary to Higher secondary levels with the following goals

1. Providing ‘world-class education’ to become a globalized citizen.

2. Offering a stimulating environment for the inherent talent in students get explored for their holistic development.

3. Developing competent human resource capable of meeting the challenges of identity at national and international levels

4. Transforming each pupil into noble citizens imbibing universal human culture, values, and beliefs for healthy social life.

5. Empowering every student rise beyond the average level of performance and ‘strive for excellence’.

6. The school has ever been on robust move with a team of committed professionals pursuing these goals through quality education.